Ventilation & Venting

Design, optimisation and planning of ventilation and air treatment solutions

A good system: supply and extract air

With efficient ventilation, you can achieve a defined exchange of air between the outside air and indoor spaces, in accordance with your individual specifications.

Goals of a well planned supply and extract air

What we take into account during a consultation

For a well-planned flow through a room or building, the amount of extract air must be matched as precisely as possible with the supply of required air and the existing or necessary capture air.

    How does air flow through the room?

    With regard to the target air volumes to be planned and the subsequent flow profile, the geometric positions of objects and production facilities must also be taken into account.

    What can we already use?

    When balancing the required supply and extract air, it is particularly important to take into account any existing process capture air flows.

    How do we help save energy and costs?

    Mechanical ventilation systems today are used in most production halls. We develop holistic solutions and combine, where it makes sense, efficient ventilation systems with so-called natural ventilation (e.g. “night ventilation” for building deheating or cooling). Energy for cooling and air transport can thus be saved.

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    What we offer you

    We design, optimise and plan ventilation (including natural ventilation) and air treatment options (heating, cooling, humidification and dehumidification, heat recovery) for you. In doing so, we implement the latest scientific findings and use, among other things, state-of-the-art simulation techniques for design, optimisation, validation and visualisation.

    Your benefits are efficient concepts for ventilation with minimised air flows that are specially tailored to your needs, as well as economically and ecologically optimised solutions for building temperature control (heating and cooling) and air conditioning.

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