Fire Smoke Extraction

With CFD simulation, model investigations and specialist know-how, we analyse and optimise buildings and systems in all aspects of fire smoke extraction

Preventive fire protection through systematic fire smoke extraction

The removal of smoke from rooms in case of fire through the installation and use of smoke and heat extraction dampers (SHEV) or mechanical ventilation systems in combination with a targeted supply of air via doors is an essential component of preventive fire protection. Specifications and standard values for this are specified in the existing regulations.

A special demand on smoke extraction technology, with the aim of preventing an uncontrolled spreading of smoke and ensuring a smoke-free zone for rescue purposes both in the vicinity of the source of the fire and in adjacent parts of the building, often exists in particularly heavily frequented buildings or areas with a very special structure:

Abb.1: Energiesimulation Lasten

Fig.1: Atria – due to their height, they pose special challenges in terms of rapid smoke extraction.

Abb.2: Energiesimulation Jahresgang

Fig.2: Lift shafts – the chimney-like effect requires holistic concepts for fire smoke extraction.

Abb.3: Energiesimulation  Bedarf

Fig.3: Galleries – open systems and parts of the building require well thought-out analyses and solutions.

Fig.4: open transitions between building areas, e.g. in railway stations or tunnels

Check – Simulate – Optimise

We check options for the targeted and safe smoke extraction of any building areas, especially special areas, by means of CFD simulation on the basis of fire protection reports, specific building structures and assumed fire loads. If required, we also recreate the optimisation scenarios in a scaled-down model in the fluidic and thermal engineering laboratory of our cooperation partners. In addition to checking smoke extraction scenarios for rescue purposes, we are also happy to investigate the temperatures that arise in the area of the building structure in the event of a fire using CFD simulation.

Smoke detection with vortex technology

Various types of capture systems are suitable for capturing fire smoke. In the meantime, vortex technology (reference to vortex capture device) has established itself as the state of the art and is regularly used as special technology in airports, railway stations, but also in comfort properties. The “vortex technology” can often be used in fire compartments as an alternative to barrier-forming fire protection blinds.

Application example: Smoke detection with vortex technology

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What we offer you

  • We plan and dimension the smoke extraction technology for you in consultation with the responsible fire protection authorities.
  • We determine the temperatures in the area of the building structure that arise in the event of a fire.
  • Validation is carried out via CFD simulation and/or model tests in the laboratory.
  • We check for you that escape routes are smoke-free in order to enable the rapid evacuation of people and more effective fire-fighting attacks in case of fire.

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