Process air & hazardous substances

Effective capture devices: Beneficial for people, product and environment

For maximum air quality at the workplace

Hazardous substances in the form of dusts, gases, fumes and vapours can occur wherever something is produced, loaded or filled, and can endanger people and materials. Companies must ensure that they comply with all regulations and guidelines for handling hazardous substances and meet legal requirements for air quality at the workplace.

Effective capture devices are beneficial for people, products and the environment

With sensibly planned capture devices designed according to individual specifications and industry-relevant requirements, as well as the matching process ventilation system, legal framework conditions can be fulfilled, occupational safety improved and general production conditions optimised.

With our many years of experience in the field of hazardous substance registration, we support you in determining the basic data:

We identify the individual sources of danger, but also the potential for optimisation.

We calculate the required performance of adapted capture devices for you.

We take into account all the framework conditions, starting with the building structure and ending with heat generation in production processes, etc.

How you benefit from engineering advice

Access to the latest findings on modern recording equipment

As specialists, we work on the basis of scientific findings and research results, we constantly educate ourselves and work with the latest methods and data.

Economy and efficiency

By virtually checking capture concepts, we optimise extraction volume flows and thus help to avoid bad investments or expensive rework and enable a reduction of your energy requirements.

Optimised, volume-flow-reduced capture air leads to a minimised demand for supply air and is thus energy-efficient in two respects.

Optimum adaptation to your production process

Theory is good, practice is everything. The goal is always an economical operation of the process capture air system that is precisely adapted to your individual circumstances.

Compliance with legal limits for hazardous substances

Whether AGW, MAK value, acceptance concentration, tolerance concentration, or TRK value: We develop concepts for you for the safe compliance with air limit values for hazardous substances.

High work safety

By safely complying with hazardous substance limits, you improve occupational safety for your employees and avoid the risk of acute or chronic health damage.

Reduction of environmental impact

A modern, powerful and also energetically optimised process ventilation system effectively separates the hazardous substances from the process capture air and thus makes a valuable contribution to protecting the environment.

Example of optimised ventilation

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What we offer you

We design, optimise and plan for you all facilities for substance capturing relating to the topics of process air and hazardous substances. We use the latest capture technologies as well as CFD simulation (flow simulation) for virtual testing and optimisation of the capture effect.

We can draw on more than 25 years of experience in the field of substance capturing and over 15 years of experience in the field of CFD simulation.

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