About us

Our philosophy

For us, trust and empathy are indisputable basic factors for joint project work. We see ourselves as a service provider for tasks that cannot be handled “in house” or only with unsatisfactory capacities. As a neutral institution, we support you in the development of solution concepts, especially against the background of official or trade association requirements.

Certainly we have a solid experience in the evaluation of customer specific tasks as well as in the development of optimization concepts. The close dialog with you as a professional on site is a very important factor for the common success. If necessary, we implement our experienced network partners in the solution of your tasks.

Right from the start of the project, we keep an eye on the technical and economic feasibility and – as far as technically feasible – take the existing plant into account in our optimization concepts. 

We also ensure that, for budget reasons, complex optimisation concepts can be implemented in partial steps and that these are matching on each other.

Our customers


Manufacturer and supplier

Heavy industry

e.g. foundries & steelworks



Metalworking companies

Food and beverages

Paper industry

Comfort building


Administrative buildings


Waste, disposal, recycling



Logistics sites

Manufacturers and suppliers

Our team

The interdisciplinary team of Schweerbau Air & Energy GmbH has excellent trend-setting personal reference projects and is recognized by professional associations and approval authorities. Our employees have many years of expertise in the field of technical building equipment (TGA) and know the opportunities, but also the constraints in the implementation of optimization concepts.

Of decisive importance for our core business is our pronounced “neutral” service orientation – in our view indispensable for the often sensitive tasks in the areas of occupational safety and environmental protection.

In the sense of this service mentality, we have a large network at our disposal, whose members support us optionally – depending on project sizes and scope of tasks. This concerns, for example, the support by planning offices up to the level of specifications, the execution of hazardous substance measurements by accredited measuring institutes as well as the contact to university institutions for concrete development topics, research tasks and model simulations. Further partners are suppliers for various marketable exhaust air purification and treatment processes.

Only by the way we like to mention that all team members are also shareholders of our company.

Bernhard Biegert

Managing Director

Mr. Biegert is a graduate engineer (mechanical engineering) and before the foundation of Schweerbau Air & Energy GmbH he operated his own engineering office for many years, whose service portfolio consisted of CFD simulations, energy and building simulations as well as all services concerning the trades ventilation and heating technology.

Mr. Biegert brought his many years of business and thus his extensive experience to our GmbH with full conviction. His many years of committee work in technical committees (VDI) and the constant exchange with scientific institutions help decisively not only to secure the current “state of the art” in our company, but also to permanently develop this state of the art in our company and through our company.

Mr. Biegert is Managing Director with focus on simulation technology, development and committee work.

Dr. Falko Wittorf

Managing Director

Mr. Wittorf started his professional career as a biotechnologist with the development of biological process technologies and held various management positions in TGA companies with a focus on service or air technology. For many years he has been advising operators of bioprocess plants as an expert.

Mr. Wittorf, like the entire team, is particularly interested in a neutral, trustworthy and reliable cooperation with our customers. No matter how great the challenges, the human being is always in the foreground, responsible for the technology and the production-specific environment of employees.

Mr. Wittorf is managing director with focus on sales, public relations and commercial affairs.

Christof Briegel

Senior Project Manager

Mr. Briegel was involved in the development of the business unit “Industrial Air Technology” from the very beginning. As an energy and heat engineer (FH), he was able to acquire in various TGA companies the tools both for extensive stocktaking at industrial customers and for the plant engineering implementation of concepts developed by him.

Mr. Briegel is our undisputed organizational talent and enjoys being sales-active in constant customer dialog.

Burkard Loch

Senior Project Manager

Mr. Loch gained extensive experience in the implementation of technical concepts after his training as an energy and heat engineer (FH) in various TGA companies. During his several years of work in an engineering office, he was able to acquire detailed planning skills, which further shaped his reliable service mentality.

Mr. Loch is in the best sense our “technical conscience” especially in the evaluation of plant engineering installations as well as the technical feasibility of the concepts we develop.

Uria Bär

Junior Project Manager

Mr. Bär has been with the team for several years and has completed his training as a state-certified mechanical engineer. In addition to measurement tasks and on-site fluidic investigations, his responsibilities include the preparation of results presentations. Another hobbyhorse is dealing with the material required for our air technology components: selection, design and construction as well as the dialog with our manufacturing companies.